I think it all started when I got my first phone. The sixth grade had just begun and I was snapping pictures of anything and everything that would hold still for long enough. I’ll admit that it took a few years to understand quality over quantity, but when I did it was like seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. Suddenly, perspective was everything. The world around me became distant and unfamiliar, but it was beautiful. I loved how huge it really was, and how far from home I could get. It made sense to me why we were given such small bodies to pair with these enormous personalities. It was the only way to fit all the creativity we needed in the world.

After I accepted how small I was on the scale of life, I began to attempt capturing every aspect of it possible. Not just in photography but in writing too. In fact, there have been phases in my life I would consider myself more of a writer than a photographer. But they are so different. I like the way that writing makes me feel. Getting it out of my head and onto paper leads to a sort of relief. Maybe knowing that it’s permanent now and can’t get lost in my train of thoughts. Photography, however, is just as satisfying. Snapshots of memories and adventures I get to hold onto forever. It took time to realize I shouldn’t live through these photos or spend too many experiences looking through a lens. Sometimes watching it with the naked eye is more rewarding than being able to look back on it.

From the middle schooler on continuous shooting mode, I moved on to the high school newspaper editor. This required me to take pictures sometimes, but my main duties were writing, designing, and editing. I learned the importance of deadlines, advertising techniques, and the highs and lows of running a staff. This probably doesn’t sound very interesting to most of you, but surprisingly, this is when I decided I would like to be a journalist. My advisor at the time, Kathy Gabor, was a big influence in this decision. She pushed me to create the best work I had in me at that age, and I craved her respect. Her critiques were always the perfect combination of positive feedback and a yearning for higher quality work. It made us want to impress her.

Eight years later I am a somewhat recent Colorado State University graduate. Being a ram and living in Fort Collins truly swept me off my feet. I reported and photographed for The Rocky Mountain Collegian and College Avenue. I studied abroad at the University of Leicester in England. I edited and contributed to CSULife during my senior year and held two marketing director positions for the Associated Students of Colorado State University and the Global Business Network.

After graduation, I pursued an opportunity in the Phoenix area at a digital marketing agency called ZOG Digital. Two years into my experience here I’ve worked with reputable clients such as Groupon, CarMax, Spiritual Gangster, Russell Athletic, Saint James, Lowes, and several others. I continue to manage the website for my parent’s breakfast joint in Montrose, Backstreet Bagel Company, as well as a variety of other freelance projects. Things are different but things are the same. Getting lost in the mountains is still one of my favorite things to do. Adventure and travel will always bring out the best in me.

Stay tuned as this compilation of thoughts and continues to grow!

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