Aurora City Guide: Places To Eat, Getting Around & Fun Things To Do

map of aurora

Just east of Denver, Aurora is yet another Colorado city where locals love to live and tourists never want to leave. The city is known for being the gateway to the Rocky Mountains and offers a wide variety of outdoor attractions and things to do in the city. From good eats to date nights there is something special for everyone in Aurora, here’s why.

Dining and food

Come to Aurora hungry and certainly bring your appetite. The food in Aurora is so scrumptious, it’s been featured on TV shows such as Man vs. Food and Diners and Drive-Ins. There’s no shortage of pickings depending on what you’re hungering for—pubs & breweries, fine dining, German-inspired, American fare classics. Headed to Rosie’s Diner for an Aurora spin on 1950s diner-style eating complete with milkshakes and root beer floats. Wine Experience Cafe and World Cellar is the quintessential choice for wine lovers and for a date night or nice dinner. Sip craft brews at Bent Barley and wander to any number of the markets—Azteca Ranch Market, Europa Grocery, Bombay Bazaar.

The arts

Not only are there a wealth of eateries of varying styles but in Aurora visitors can experience a slice of the artistic and creative life. Get tickets to hear the Aurora Symphony Orchestra play musical masterpieces, watch a dramatic performance at Vintage Theatre Productions or the Aurora Fox Arts Center. For the art lover in you, stroll through the Aurora Cultural Arts District where murals and other vibrant street art is plentiful. To learn more in-depth about the arts scene as far as visual artists living and working in Aurora, take the R Line Public Art Tour. The tour takes art enthusiasts to nearby Denver to check out spots where artists are leaving their literal mark on the city.

Popular travel must-sees for tourists

If you’re in Aurora, there are several must-see landmarks you can’t afford to pass up in within truckable driving distance.  Being so close to the Denver Metro Area, it’s no surprise this city is teeming with outdoor activities. Find easily accessible hiking trails less than an hour away or try something more adventurous like rock climbing or mountain biking.

Love horseback riding? Venture out to the 12 Mile Stables over a sprawling 3,300 acres and 27 miles of riding trails. For history lovers curious about how the city of Aurora came to be, there’s the Aurora History Museum. The museum, considered to also be art and cultural center, features three exhibits total, one that is permanent and two that change frequently.

Getting around

If you don’t have a vehicle of your own, the car market in the Aurora area is awesome. If you’re not ready to take the plunge and buy a car there are plenty of Uber and Lyft drivers in the city. Or you can get around Aurora quite inexpensively on the RTD. Featuring both bus and rail services into and out of Denver proper, riders can either opt for a day pass, a 3-hour cash pass or load as they go directly from a debit or credit card. Other passes and ticket books are also available for purchase. Fares start at $3.00 and increase from there. For more details on RTD visit here.

Catching a game

Aurora being a smaller town means that unfortunately if you’re a professional sports lover, you’ll have to journey into Denver city limits to see your favorite team play. There’s the Denver Nuggets for basketball, Denver Broncos for football and Colorado Rockies for baseball. Once you do, however, If you’re less of spectator and want to get in on the action yourself, Aurora has a variety of golf courses to practice your swing and improve your golfing game. Choose from Heather Ridge Golf Club, Murphy Creek Golf Course, Heather Gardens Golf Course and many more.


Whether you’re shopping for one-of-a-kind unique finds or want run of mill looks from your favorite department store, Aurora has either in store. Aurora City Place is a local favorite with more than 45 stores, some big box and others local, to choose from. Southlands is another shopping center in Aurora, but this one on the southwest side of town. For more of a local flair, stop through Old Havana Street, lined with local shops, cafes, and eateries to unwind after a long day of shopping or ideal for starting the day off with ease.


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