Survive Blizzard Driving in 2018

best cars for snow

Ready for winter in Colorado?

We have plenty to love about our home state. From its abundance of national parks and gorgeous mountain ranges to its notoriously laid-back cities and lifestyle, there’s almost nowhere else you can get beautiful summers and ski-worthy winters, craft beer, and of course, a giant amphitheater hewn from rock.

Though ski fanatics are likely itching at the prospect of making the move to Colorado, ski-weather comes with its challenges — namely, driving in snowy and mountainous terrain. Fortunately, there are plenty of vehicles that can handle snowy rough rides, mountain slopes, and trips to the grocery store alike. These six cars are reliable, maneuverable, and some of the best cars for snow. 

The Ol’ Reliable: Subaru Forester

It’s hard to argue with a Subaru Forester, one of the best small cars for snow and ice. This vehicle is a local favorite in most Colorado towns due to its overall reliability in a multitude of conditions, and of course, its mix of essential features (such as the all-important AWD) and exciting entertainment upgrades.

The All-Purpose Vehicle: Honda HR-V

If you’re looking for an affordable, family-friendly vehicle to drive in harsher winter weather, the Honda HR-V is the best SUV for driving in snow and ice. It’s a smaller SUV than the standard but it boasts a versatile and remarkably spacious trunk with a second row that readily flips down to provide even more space for cargo. The HR-V offers AWD and an impressive fuel economy of 29 miles per gallon. For families, or for those who need a little extra space for their camping gear or their skis, the Honda HR-V will make you a compelling case.

The Rugged Explorer: Jeep Compass

If you want to hit the dusty, or in this case sometimes snowy, trails, a Jeep Compass may be the ride for you. The Compass offers a more compact version of the traditional Jeep, but it is just as capable of cutting the trail as any other off-road vehicle. The Jeep Compass is a perfect middle-ground for those who are outdoorsmen on the weekends, but city dwellers during the week, with a comfortable interior and plenty of trunk space.

For the City Drivers: Nissan Versa

Maybe you’re not much for long-haul drives over mountainous terrain and you’d prefer a car that handles well in the city with a slicker body. The Nissan Versa is a very affordable option for these drivers. The Versa can handle Colorado weather while providing a fuel efficiency of 39 miles per gallon. This small and compact vehicle doesn’t break the bank, and it will get you from Denver hot spots to local shows in no time.

The Long-Hauler: Honda Ridgeline

Keep on truckin’ with the Honda Ridgeline, a more fuel-efficient crossover vehicle for the Rockies and beyond. The Ridgeline touts a comfortable design for families and individuals alike. Don’t let the cozy cab and infotainment system fool you, though. The Ridgeline’s bed can haul 1,580 pounds, maxing out at 5,000 pounds, with models providing multiple terrain modes in the 4WD system. The Ridgeline also leaves 8 inches of ground clearance for anyone interested in a little off-road adventure.

The Family Operator: Honda Odyssey

Sleek, stylish, and incredibly reliable, the Honda Odyssey has it all. If you’re looking to blend luxury with top-level performance and efficiency in a minivan, the Honda Odyssey offers dynamic family-hauling class and a smooth ride. Whether you’re driving in snowy conditions or on city streets, an Odyssey will handily deal with the challenges of Colorado terrain, and it’ll do it in style. A major perk of the Odyssey is its plentiful amenities and upgrades, from a top-notch infotainment system to interior finishes. You won’t believe it’s a minivan.



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