Starbucks on Elizabeth Street now serving alcohol

Select Starbucks are now serving beer, wine and a variety of new food options as a part of their evenings program.

Based in Seattle, the chain has expanded to over 21,000 different locations worldwide. According to Amy Maiberger, store manager at the Starbucks on Elizabeth Street, only 103 of these serve the new evenings menu. The store on Elizabeth Street is the first in Fort Collins to participate in the program.

Stores chosen to participate in the evenings program are based on the demographics of that city. Two other Starbucks locations in Fort Collins will begin serving the evenings menu Nov. 3. One is on Drake Road and Lemay Avenue, the other is on College Avenue and Stuart Street.“It’s pretty limited,” Maiberger said. “Not every store is going to get this, so those stores that do, it’s a pretty big deal and a pretty awesome honor.”

The new menu offers five red wines, five white wines and four beers, one of which changes seasonally. There are also additional food options called “small plates.”

“We are working super hard to create a classier atmosphere, so when people are in here studying, we are almost treating it like a restaurant style,” Maiberger said. “We’re coming around to your table and checking on you or seeing if you wanted to order anything else.”

Lex Lubinski is a junior studying economics who works as a barista at a coffee shop on campus. He said the new menu takes away from the Starbucks coffee experience.To promote the new program, the Elizabeth Street location is staying open later than in the past. They are now open until 10 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and until 11 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

“I don’t understand why they would need wine or any sort of alcohol, because that just puts you to sleep,” Lubinski said. “And, coffee is supposed to wake you up, so it kind of defeats the purpose of chilling at a Starbucks.”

Reservations are available to those who call ahead of time, and tables can be reserved for groups of up to 10 people.

“I prefer coffee shops over bars, so I kind of like that if I want to get a drink at a coffee shop I can, and they’re open late also — it seems nice,” said Kimberly DeJong, a senior studying human development and family studies.

Starting this week, the Starbucks on Elizabeth Street will also feature live acoustic music on some Fridays. Any students who are interested in performing are advised to call the shop and contact the store manager.

“I’m wanting to get as many students through here as I can,” Maiberger said. “Just to have a place to showcase their talent.”

This article was published in The Collegian October 9, 2015.


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